49. Get Obsessed With Your Business

Season #1

Could your obsession be the rocket fuel for your business's success?

I'm Krissy Monaghan, and today I'll share how a fiery passion has been the cornerstone of my journey as a children's activity expert. Through personal anecdotes and insights, I explore the intense dedication required to not just run, but truly excel in your entrepreneurial endeavors. Whether it's the thrill of marketing, the drive for sales, or the quest to grow an audience, this episode is a deep dive into the heart of business obsession and how it can be harnessed to create, grow, and scale a thriving venture while doing what you love.

This episode will resonate with many of you who have felt the pull of your entrepreneurial spirit, questioning the conventional path laid out by the education system. I share personal anecdotes, from my early obsession with running to my relentless pursuit of career growth and the development of my own brand.

Tune in to discover how embracing your obsessions can transform your approach to business and life, and how channeling this energy can help you create, grow, and scale your business while doing what you truly love.

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