Wouldn't it be great to create a thriving business you love, a happy life outside of it and still achieve consistent sold-out classes?


Join the membership for children's activity providers and enjoy business, marketing and systems support whenever you need it.



Does this sound like you?

  • You love what you do but the admin takes over sometimes and you'd like to make it easier and less time-consuming.
  • You classes are popular and you work so hard, so why isn't it paying off?
  • You want a good and consistent income from your business.
  • You want to know how to scale your business quickly and sustainably. 

Hello, I'm Krissy 

I’m an award-winning children’s activity provider, speaker, business coach and expert marketer. 

I help children's activity business owners, franchisors and franchisees to start, grow and scale with confidence to create a profitable business they love.

But, not so long ago, I was standing where you are now. 

For over 11 years, I've walked the walk… as director of a children’s charity, franchisee, master franchisee and franchisor with a fantastic UK-wide network. My children’s activity business, Mess Around, scaled to over 40 franchisees in 5 years. 

Now, I support amazing children's activity providers how to effectively and sustainably grow their businesses with 1:1 and group coaching, courses and my new membership, the Children's Activity Business Club.


Children's Activity Business Club is a bit different to your average business and marketing membership...

🚀 Made for Children's Activity Providers.

Created with you in mind. We're not handing out generic advice. It's all specific to our industry, years of experience and knowing how to take your children's activity business from overlooked to fully booked.

✅ Everything you need to run a successful and profitable business.

The membership is jam-packed with value! Our coaching, training and resources will help you to start, grow and scale your business. Not just the marketing, we'll support you with your business, mindset, tech and systems too. Yours 24/7, whenever you need it. Dip in and out of it when it suits you. 

🎉 Join a community of cheerleaders and collaborators.

You'll be part of a supportive community of fellow children’s activity providers (not to mention an expert and approachable coach)!

A network of like-minded professionals can offer invaluable advice, support and connection.

😊 Scale your business in a sustainable way.

You didn't start your business to run yourself into the ground, miss out on family events or get swamped in paperwork, did you?

Let us share proven frameworks - from Krissy's 10 years of experience in the sector - to effectively and sustainably grow your own successful children’s businesses.

We want you to love what you do without compromising on having a happy life!

💰 Sell out your classes - every time!

Get marketing support, resources and strategies that will help you reach more parents and children than ever before. 

Whether you need help with social media, email campaigns or website optimisation, we've got you covered.

Hear from other children's activity providers...

Join the Children's Activity Business Club if...

You've just started out...

... you want set yourself up for success. 

You want to make sure you're on the right track and have a safe and supportive place to ask for advice when you need it.

You've been in business for a while...
... you want to get more consistent and sustainable.

You want to surround yourself with people who understand what it's like to run a children's activity business; to share and learn from each other, Krissy and the guest experts.

You're ready to scale...
... you don't know where to start.

You're looking for advice from the experts and community who will save you time, money and energy.



So, what exactly do you get when you join?

Coaching Calls
with Krissy

Every month, join Krissy for group coaching calls on Zoom.

Get answers to your burning questions, personalised feedback and valuable insights to help you achieve your goals.

These sessions will be invaluable; whether you're looking to grow your business, improve your skills or navigate a challenging situation.

Members' Community

You'll be part of a supportive community of fellow children’s activity providers!

A network of like-minded professionals can offer invaluable advice, support and connection.

Together, we can share experiences, ask questions without judgement, learn from one another and celebrate each other's successes. 

Expert Masterclasses

Every month, a masterclasses on a range of topics that are designed to help you grow both personally and professionally will be dropped into the portal. 

These will cover all aspects of business from marketing and sales to personal growth and wellbeing. Everything you need to succeed.



Access quick and easy-to-implement training sessions. 

Created and exclusively available for members.



Use a treasure trove of resources and templates, specifically created for children's activity providers - from marketing plans to financial spreadsheets to social media templates.


Success Plan 

Create a unique success plan for your business.

Identify what stage you're at and use the success plan to work out the next steps to help your business grow. 

And, all this too! 

Weekly Accountability

Ready to start checking off all the bits that have been on your to-do list for far too long?

Each week, you'll have the opportunity to get some accountability from Krissy and the club.

Ask Me Anything  

Join Krissy every Friday for a live Q&A session in our Facebook community. 

It's a great opportunity to get quick personalised support and connect with other children's activity providers while you're at it.

Sounding Board

Looking from some more in-depth feedback from Krissy and the club?

You can ask any questions or brainstorm anything around your business and marketing at our monthly Sounding Board sessions.


You'll have access to the podcast, 'Start, Grow and Scale Your Children's Activity Business', where we share expert insights and strategies to help you take your business to the next level. 

Success Stories

From franchisors to franchisees and independent businesses, learn from their unique business journeys, the challenges they've faced, the lessons they've learned, and what success looks like for them.

Member Perks

Enjoy access to my courses at a discounted rate.  From marketing to operations to , we've got expert-led courses designed to help you grow and scale your children's activity business.


"Every single time I invested in myself I saw the immediate benefits - in profit, organisation and personal happiness. It’s how I scaled my franchise to over 40 franchisees in 5 years."


Krissy Monaghan

Why now is the right time to join...


Invest in yourself... without breaking the bank.
Imagine the progress you could make if you had an expert coach; someone who's been where you are now and created a successful business. The membership is an affordable way to make that happen.

Take a leap of faith... you've got this far!
What if running your business and making it more profitable was easier? You'll have the training, resources and support you need every step of the way.

Running a business can get lonely... even when you're surrounded by kids every day! 
Say hello to your new virtual community of colleagues and cheerleaders.

Founding Member benefits...
This is a one-time offer. Enjoy the lowest fee that will never change (and never ever go this low again). And, help shape the membership into exactly the support you need.


Come and join us...


This option is great for children's activity providers if you're looking for a low cost monthly payment option that still gets you the same level of support.

  • Get immediate access to the membership and all of the benefits.
  • No need to renew each month, payment is automatic.


This option is great for children's activity providers who are serious abut their long-term growth and business success.

  • Save money on your membership. 
  • Get immediate access to the membership and all of the benefits.
  • No need to renew each year, payment is automatic.



Ready to invest in yourself and your business?



Join the Children's Activity Business Club