48. Get Started with Building a Personal Brand

Season #1

Listen in as I share my enthusiasm for the incredible strides made by children's activity providers in boosting their businesses through the power of personal branding. The recent success of the Market Like a Popstar challenge has been a testament to the potential that lies in harnessing one's unique story and presence to stand out in the digital space. Celebrating the heartwarming achievements from the Club Hub Awards, I recount the inspiring moments that highlight the profound impact personal branding can have on visibility and recognition within our community, including my own honor of receiving the Supplier of the Year award.

In this session, I offer actionable insights on how to engage your audience by categorising your narratives into personal, client, and business stories. Crafting a signature talk becomes an essential strategy, encompassing the problem you solve, integrating an opening story, sharing valuable content with three key points, and wrapping up with a powerful call to action and a closing story. Emphasising the importance of visibility, I discuss how a strong personal brand not only drives sales and increases revenue but also establishes you as a recognised expert in your field, opening doors to new opportunities and growth for your business in 2024.

Join us as we explore these strategies and celebrate the achievements of our community members who have seen remarkable success through personal branding.

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