47. Maximise your Time, Maximise Your Sales

Season #1

Money in the children's activity sector has long been the elephant in the room, but it's time to kick the taboo to the curb. In this latest episode, I'm breaking down the barriers, bringing you a frank discussion about the financial side of running a successful children's activity business. It's a conversation you won't want to miss, especially if you're caught in the cycle of loving what you do but not seeing the profit you deserve. I'm tackling head-on the challenges many providers face and offering up actionable advice to set and achieve the financial benchmarks that could transform your passion project into a profitable powerhouse.

Strap in as I navigate the importance of goal settingā€”without it, you're just a "bobber" in a sea of potential. Whether you're not making enough to pay yourself or you're on the brink of scaling your profits, this episode is a treasure trove of insights. I'm laying out the map to financial clarity, from time management to strategic planning, and proving that money is not the villainā€”it's the vehicle that drives your ability to enrich children's lives through your work.

Ready to turn your time into sales and your activity business into a flourishing enterprise? Let's elevate your business narrative from just getting by to thriving and thriving big.

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