44. Energy equals sales!

Season #1

Join me, Krissy Monaghan, a Children's Activity Expert here in the UK, as I explore the electric combination of energy and sales in the exciting world of children's activities. In this conversation, we tackle the fundamentals of maximising income and uncover the power of enthusiasm in the sales process. Discover how the Race to Recurring Revenue challenge, hosted by Lisa Johnson with over 11,000 business owners participating, proved to be a remarkable journey for children's activity providers, pushing them to innovate and achieve recurring revenue in their businesses.

Listen in as I share the infectious vibe from the collective effort of providers who supported one another through the challenge, culminating in the highly anticipated masterclass that led to a flurry of sign-ups for the one-to-many programme. Learn about the profound impact of positive energy on sales outcomes and how that translates into the joyful dance of a successful transaction.

My partnership with Lisa Johnson allowed me to become an affiliate, opening doors for numerous providers to join the one-to-many programme through me, which promises to be a transformative experience for their lives. This conversation is a masterclass in itself, demonstrating how to harness energy to drive sales and momentum in your business.

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