Let's talk to Rachel Peebles from Estrellas Brillantes

Season #1

This week's episode of the Start, Grow & Scale Podcast features a compelling conversation with Rachel Peebles, an Award-Winning Business Owner and the proud force behind Estrellas Brillantes. Join us as we delve into the intricacies of managing a thriving Children's Language Business, all while navigating the challenges of single parenthood and ADHD.

Rachel candidly shares her journey, revealing the motivations that led her to establish the business and the profound passion driving her commitment to teaching Spanish. Our discussion extends to the unique dynamics of balancing entrepreneurship with the responsibilities of raising an autistic child. Discover why Rachel has strategically implemented a membership model in her business, ensuring recurring revenue and fortifying its foundation for the future.

Tune in to explore the vital support Rachel has received from the Government's Access to Work program, and gain insights into how awards can significantly impact and elevate a business. Don't miss this enlightening episode that sheds light on the real-life experiences and triumphs of a remarkable business owner.

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