23. Local Level Marketing aka Street Marketing

Season #1

In this episode I talk about the Marketing your Business at a Local Level aka Street Marketing. 

I share a story about a business owner who I taught how to market their business at a local level aka Street Marketing.

You see, when you’re a business owner at a local level, even if you are part of a franchise, you are flying solo when it comes to promoting your business. Your franchisor can advise you on how to market your services and products using their tried and tested methods, but you’re the one that must make it happen. If you’re an independent business owner, you don’t have the luxury of getting that advice, you must figure it out on your own.

As the ambassador of your brand at a local level, you must champion it. It’s your responsibility to market your business and you have limited time, energy, and money within the business to waste, so it’s so important to put your energy into the right areas.

I call marketing at a local level, street marketing because it involves putting yourself out there so you can be seen and heard this is even more important right now as we live in a world of technology and social media where we are all fighting to be visible.

If you struggle with how to market your business at a local level then this podcast could help you to get started. 

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