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Don't market to the world and its dog

Download a copy of my FREE Customer Avatar Workbook and spend 30 minutes scoping out your customer and consider how you can attract them into your business through your marketing.

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Be a Purple Cow and stand out from the crowds

Define what makes you stand out from the crowd with your children's activity business, in what is, a very very busy marketplace. 

Download my FREE Purple Cow worksheet and define your business today.

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Take your customers to another dimension

Every customer you turn into a Raving Fan, every customer you retain, is one less customer you need to find, to market to, to replace.

Listen to my FREE 15 minute Audio training with over 25 practical tips that you can implement right now in your business to retain your customers.

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Children's Activity Business Academy Podcast

Join me, Krissy at the Children’s Activity Business Academy Podcast where I’ll be sharing my experience, knowledge, and know-how in how you can start, grow and scale your baby, toddler, and kids activity business with confidence.

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Rock your Marketing Game 


Get the inside scoop on how Chat GPT, an AI-powered content creation tool, can help you create connection-building content quickly and easily.

In this 30-minute, pre-recorded masterclass, I'll show you exactly how to use Chat GPT to streamline your content creation process, attract more parents to classes and boost your visibility online.

You'll learn:

  • How to use Chat GPT to create social media captions, marketing emails, blog posts and more.
  • How to generate content ideas and outline content using Chat GPT.
  • How to get the most out of Chat GPT by asking the right questions to get the responses you want.

With Chat GPT, the possibilities are endless! And, this is a great opportunity for your to get started.

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Find Your Perfect Fit 

Explore the Pros and Cons of Franchising, Licensing, and Independent Operation

In this 20-minute, pre-recorded masterclass we will explore the opportunities available to you within the Children's Activity Sector and what you need to consider before taking the leap into self employment. 

You'll learn:

  • Understanding your why
  • Your business idea
  • Your skills, knowledge & experience
  • Time, commitment & support you will need to give you business
  • Your options within the children's activity sector

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30 + Copy & Paste Social Media Posts


No need to spend hours on content creation...

Choose from 30+ ready-made templates for your social media posts. Set out so you  can see exactly what they’ll look like and you can cherry-pick what you think will work best for your children's activity business.

For creative social media graphics, be sure to keep an eye out for my weekly newsletter, where I share tips to create eye-catching visuals that will make your posts stand out to your audience.

Plus, the Bonus Awareness Days will give you even more inspiration for content opportunities.


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