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Don't market to the world and its dog

Download a copy of my FREE Customer Avatar Workbook and spend 30 minutes scoping out your customer and consider how you can attract them into your business through your marketing.


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Be a Purple Cow and stand out from the crowds

Define what makes you stand out from the crowd with your children's activity business, in what is, a very very busy marketplace. 

Download my FREE Purple Cow worksheet and define your business today.

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Take your customers to another dimension

Every customer you turn into a Raving Fan, every customer you retain, is one less customer you need to find, to market to, to replace.

Listen to my FREE 15 minute Audio training with over 25 practical tips that you can implement right now in your business to retain your customers.

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Recruit, Retain and Reward Your Customers

Grab a drink and snack of your choice, notepad and pen and get ready to take lots of notes. 

In this hour webinar you will learn the strategies I used in my business over the last 10 years to bring customers into my world, the strategies I used to retain them and the ways I rewarded them for their loyalty to me and my brands. 

Watch to my FREE Webinar now and start implementing in your business today! 

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